What We Do

Cotmac Electronics Inc is one of the leading organizations in the field of Industrial Automation. As an Automation Solutions Provider, we have an impressive Track Record in various industries including Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Automotive, Material Handling, Food and Beverage. Our Customers include Market Leaders and we have added value to their productivity with our proficiency in Factory Automation Solutions as well as Process Automation. These Value- adds and our end to end approach have given us a world-wide reputation of delivering the Right Solutions.
Engineering Services
Cotmac Electronics is a global engineering service provider in the field of process automation, factory automation and plant monitoring.
System Integration
We are specialists in bringing together a variety of component subsystems into one system that will fit our Customer’s requirements to handle his business needs.
Global Commissioning Support
Cotmac Electronics Inc has an efficient team of professionals with distinct skill sets to provide field proven efficient solutions, that empower customer to enhance the quality.
Global Engineering Center
The ability to work onsite, onshore, nearshore and offshore helps Cotmac assure that it can deliver the engineering excellence you require at a very competitive price.
Panel Manufacturing
Cotmac has a large panel manufacturing operation offshore and has local partners to meet your needs. We can design, build/procure and install what you need.

Integration made Easy