GE90-30 to RX-31 conversion

The objective of this Project was to upgrade the existing Master PLC with the Latest CPU and SCADA Versions.

Our Services
  • Upgradation of old GE 90-30 CPU with Latest RX-3I CPU.
  • Upgradation of SCADA Software & Development of New SCADA Screens for Reactors.
  • PLC Application Software for Reactors.
  • Configuration of IGS OPC Server & RTA Gateways for Communication.
  • Configuration of E-mail server in Cimplicity to send the Alerts to plant supervisors of critical Alarm conditions.
  • Historian Servers.
  • Site Acceptance Test.

  • Improving the manufacturing process – thus boosting both productivity and profitability.
  • With facility to capture data points for various parameters, greater levels of controls can be deployed.
  • Every block off the production line is specifications-perfect, consistent and repeatable.
  • Complete real-time monitoring, data collection and telemetry on the plant floor.

Integration made Easy