Allen Bradley SLC500 to L543 conversion

Upgradation of Allen Bradley Legacy System for Brick Manufacturing Plant in North America. The plant was running with legacy Allen Bradley system consisting of following components:

  • SLC 500 CPU L543 in Communication with the 4No.s of L541 Skid PLC’s on DH+ Protocol.
  • The Remote I/O were communicating to Main PLC on Interbus& DH+.
  • There were 5 numbers of Allen Bradley HMI’S communicating to Main PLC on DH+ Protocol.
Cotmac’s Scope :
  • To study the running automation system.
  • Propose the latest automation hardware to replace the existing legacy hardware which was on the verge of getting obsolete.
  • Conversion of Existing PLC programs into the latest software versions.
  • Installation & validation of new hardware.
  • Commissioning of new installed hardware.
Cotmac’s Solution:
  • Cotmac proposed new CompactLogix PLC system to replace the Existing Legacy System with latest Ethernet IP Communication Protocol .
  • All the old HMI`S were upgraded to the latest Panelview Plus HMI`S which offered ease of operation.
Benefits to the Customer:
  • Improving the manufacturing process – thus boosting both productivity and profitability.
  • Achieved network speed and stability as compared to the old system due to use of latest communication technology.
  • Ability to recover or minimize plant Breakdown time due to use of Latest Hardware.
  • Increased I/O handling capacity to cater the future expansion

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