Steel Plant Automation - Gas Mixing Station

In today’s industrial environment steel manufacturing plants produce more than just steel. They produce usable fuel gas for their processes. The exact composition of combustible components is critical for process control. Companies that automate all of their processes, making them faster and more consistent with tighter controls and able to meet tighter specifications will win. One such steel company asked us to help automate the gas mixing operations in their plant. They needed to have all their solenoid valves integrated and controlled automatically within the system. They needed ratio parameter logic built in to control the ratio of gases in the mix. They wanted to be able to see all the key parameters on screen as needed.
Our solution improved quality and improved efficiency. We used a Siemens Simatic Manager 5.5, WinCC SCADA v7.2 (CPU 400H) system. We controlled over 200 ratio-based input/output ports. We customized their screens to exceed their requirements and allow them to see their processes in real time graphically.
Our system ran faster and more accurately than they had previously. We logged data to for all their parameters. Our critical alarm system allowed them to react faster and reduce maintenance manpower and save money.

Integration made Easy