Industries Served

Industries worldwide are encouraging the deployment of automation control systems and services. Industrial automation has become a competitive advantage in today's industrial landscape.
And Cotmac is in the business of providing high quality system integration solutions to varied consumers across the globe. Automation in the industries allows the various stakeholders involved, to achieve increased productivity, minimized error, and improved quality.
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Cotmac is a leader in Water treatment plant automation. Utilizing our ability to work onsite, onshore, nearshore and offshore, we reduce the cost of automation for our clients.
Cotmac handles the most complex manufacturing tasks in the auto industry with the highest precision ever, increasing productivity.
Food & Beverage
Cotmac has completed hundreds of projects in the Food & Beverage industry around the world. Our expertise with controllers, sensors, machine vision and robotics .
Cement, Metals and Mining
Cotmac brings a deep knowledge of the industry to automate processes and improve energy efficiency to provide our design services anywhere in the world to meet your requirements

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