In the past companies kept data in their own data stores on premise. This allowed them to control access better and have the control over their data that they needed. Today, Cloud storage is a very attractive option. Cloud storage companies have great experience and expertise providing security and accessibility that the vast majority of companies cannot provide as well or as inexpensively on premise. Cloud solutions are easily scalable for your needs with incremental storage being spun up on demand.

Some have likened Cloud storage versus on premise storage to be like the choice to use public transportation versus having your own automobile. Public transportation is cheaper, but having your own car allows you much more flexibility. The problem with this analogy is that the second part, flexibility is much greater in the Cloud. You can increase or decrease the storage you use as you need it. With on premise, hardware costs are invested long before you use the space allocated. Another argument is that keeping your data yourself is inherently more secure, but in reality, companies that provide Cloud services have far more experience and technical expertise than normal businesses have.

There are four giants in the Cloud Services space – Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google. Their growth rates are in the high double digits as an increasing number of companies are moving their data storage to the Cloud. In 2017, more applications were written for the Cloud than for on premise use. Cost savings, improved security, universal global access, increased flexibility, lower investment, and other reasons are driving the movement we are seeing. In addition to these four giants, there are numerous other Cloud Services vendors with Oracle being the most notable of them.

Once your data is on the Cloud, you can access it with secure connections anywhere. Applications built for and by Cloud companies can help you analyze your data. The lower total cost of using Cloud storage coupled with better security, more flexibility and access to more applications all tilt the choice in favor of the Cloud. There are very few instances where an on-premise solution is a better choice in today’s environment.

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