Data is only valuable when it is used. It doesn’t matter how much data you collect or how advanced your analytics software is if you don’t have access to your data when you need it. Smart access isn’t just about being able to log in and see your data. It is about having access to information that will help you make better and more timely decisions on whatever device you have access to wherever you are.

Data is raw. It needs to be converted into information in a format that the user can understand. Reporting tools are quite sophisticated and allow for summary information and information about what happened to be presented in an easily digestible format. To find out why it happened and what can be done to improve an outcome, the data needs to be analyzed and worked to provide deeper insights than simple reporting can provide. Smart access everywhere is about having the information that is needed at the time. Nice graphics and reports are not enough.

The other aspect of smart access everywhere is being able to get to your information whenever and wherever you are. Mobile devices and networks allow decision makers the freedom and power to ingest information on their terms. Proactive use of today’s technology provides a competitive advantage to the connected executive. Turn your data into information and have it available to you on your terms.

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