We are in the Information Age. The explosion of data has lead to an explosion of information, the value of which is growing exponentially. Protecting the assets of one’s company has always been a necessary part of running a business. Today it is an increasingly more complex task. The risks are higher, the threats are greater, and the attacks come from many disparate directions.

Security starts with physical security. Unauthorized people must be kept out and authorized people must undergo more scrutiny and be subject to more checks before access is granted. Twenty percent of data breaches are attributed to insiders with malicious intent. Assets must be protected from unintended access.

Cyber security requires that security be planned, examined, tested, and actively monitored consistently. Network and data security are being threatened constantly, remotely, with automated bots and even artificial intelligence playing a growing role. Companies are being held hostage to access their own data even when the hackers have no desire to use the data for any other purpose than extortion.

The information in your company has great value. Competitors, both foreign and domestic, would like to know what you are planning, gain information about your designs, patents, processes, etc. You need to assess your risks, determine where the weak points are, create a plan to protect your assets and execute it. Cyber security is not like building a wall or gate that once built can be expected to prevent access. The capabilities of hackers to breach systems is constantly evolving. The risks of being hacked are real, the consequences can be very severe. Preventive efforts can save far in excess of what can be lost.

The key to success is a well-designed security system which includes both technological and human factors. The system needs to consider all of the vulnerabilities that exist and deal with mitigating the risks involved. Auditing the system, testing its effectiveness is a necessary part of the process of securing your assets.

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