Automation of Waste Water Treatment Plant

Our customer uses a biological nutrient removal process to treat waste water. They wanted our help in automating their processes. They wanted to reduce their need for very highly skilled operators by providing data so the proper actions could be taken automatically.
We provided an automated design based on an S7-300 system with a Wonderware Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) architecture for the programmable logic controllers. We connected all their third-party systems. We provided the electrical design and drawings for the panels and the network. We programmed, installed and commissioned the plant. We provided them with process parameters to control their processes and diagnostics to help maintain their equipment at peak efficiency.
As a result of our design, they were able to see and control their entire operation from a single control room. They greatly appreciated the historical process data that we were capturing and the alarms and event monitoring capabilities we built into the system. They were able to save on energy costs and reduced manpower.

Integration made Easy