Automation of Sand Plant & Molding Plant

Our customer wanted to automate their sand and molding plants and have a central system to see what is going on in the operations. They needed a systems integrator that could supply, program, install and commission PLCs and provide an easy way to visualize what was going on in the plant. They needed reports that gave management the information to make better decisions.
We procured and programmed Simantic Manager 5.5, WinCC SCADA v7.3 with operator panels (OP5). We installed Micro master 440 AC drives and 100U, 90U PLCs with the OP5s serving as Human Machine Interfaces. The operator panels allowed for easier control over the entire operations.
We were able to increase their production lines speed allowing for more production per hour. Our information system allowed them to troubleshoot their process problems much faster. We were able to reduce their manpower requirements. Their cost savings significantly exceeded the cost of the systems.

Integration made Easy